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Iron On Patch - Trim Categories

Animal Patches

A diverse array of wild and domestic land animal embroidered iron and sew on patches, appliques, motifs and emblems await your discovery. Lions, and tigers, and all sorts of bears to embellish your infant, child or zoo-themed projects. Oh my!

Pooches, puppies, cat, kitties; mice, and piggies that are happy in a barn or guinea pigs happier sitting on your lap; horses; bunnies running in a field or ferrets curled up in a bed; hamsters and hedgehogs. We search for all the little creatures near and dear to all from field, forest and your own backyard including deer, moose, caribou, raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks and skunks. From Africa we have elephants,  giraffe,and monkeys.  From other continents we have panda, kangaroos, and koalas.